It’s BACK. Free Art Journal workshop ALL YEAR LONG PAJWLH

What should have been a year long project in 2011 has now become my hearts desire. I am so excited to be bringing back #PAJWLH (Progressive Art Journal Workshop w/ Liz Hicks).

 What is PAJWLH? It is a free online art journaling workshop that combines art techniques, journal prompts coupled with inspiration and life learned lessons. The object of this progressive workshop was to allow myself and my friends online the opportunity to come together with the common goal of self reflection and understanding through the art of expressive creativity.

This has been one of my favorite projects because well… its free AND it allows me to share what I love most, art and relationships.

What to expect in 2015?

  • Well, this time around the posts will be organic, they will come as I feel they should and not scheduled like I did last time. It is just to hard to put a time line on creativity and you kind of have to let it stir as it comes. 
  • Each post will share some art, useful journaling techniques and or a message. 
  • This is a progressive art journal workshop which means you hop in and out as you please and create what suits you and work when you can. No pressure, no worries… just fun and art.
  • I may or may not invite guests or have different products that I find featured, this is in no way to promote income to myself or my blog… just for educational purposes because I like showcasing fun new products and different ways to incorporate them into creativity.
  • Some projects may be home decor, or small inspiration art items… not all will be art journal entries… but all will share the same basis. Art. People and a good message.
  • If you want to share your work simply link it back here, share it on the Liz Hicks Studios Facebook Page or Pin it or Share it with the hashtag #pajwlh . Last time we had some great participation and sharing going on and it was so awesome to see people connect through ach project. 

To Read about 2012’s Progressive Art Journal Workshop click here .

I have in the past coupled my faith along with inspiration wrapped up with art prompts and a wonderful community of online friends. I plan to continue this into 2015 with the idea that I will be sharing my PAJWLH lessons with both a faith based and a traditional prompt. My heart is to make this a project that anyone can find accessible and enjoy.

Through the last few years I have seen this growth of resentment of faith and religion. Most of which relates back to people who just represent it in ways that are defensing and well, it just seems to be losing the whole point of the matter. I myself have been hurt by people of faith and know first hand just how hard it is to see good in something that others have delivered in hurt and condemnation. But through much reflection I am reminded that people hurt people and that faith in itself is meant to be separate, a retreat… a place and relationship to comfort and not destroy.

My goal is to share a double sided prompt mirroring faith and society all in one post so that those who are participating can find something in each post that they can relate to creatively or personally.

Truth is… I just love people. I love Art. And I love good messages.

Don’t forget the GREAT class we have going on over at Truth Scrap as well, click here for details. Read more about it here.

 I hope you do to and will join me in 2015 ♥


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