Introducing TRUTH Scrap… my FIRST online E-Course (and a little back story)

Words can not describe how happy my heart was when I was asked to teach for Truth Scrap. I haven’t taken on a whole lot of contract work from the arts and crafts industry since finishing my last contract back in April. As much as I love working in the arts and crafts industry it takes its toll. Back in January I was faced with a tough decision, but ultimately it was the best decision for my family and that was for me to take a break from full time contract work and focus on being Mom PLUS getting myself healthy again. January (in general) was a tough time for our family…but that is a whole other story for another blog post.
During this time I struggled with letting go of that “NEED TO DO MORE” attitude that I had fooled myself into thinking was natural…desired. I had such a hard time letting go of what I thought my life was supposed to be and remembering what my life was actually supposed to look like. My overall purpose in life was a blurred image that I could not even recognize anymore. I had done this to myself and in my defense, it wasn’t necessarily WHAT my heart desired, but mostly I did it out of fear… and again… that is a whole other story and a whole other blog post.
It’s funny how easily this happens, over and over again. How fear creeps in through little cracks and settles into our hearts and minds. My fear is and always will be the well being of my family and thus my down fall when it comes to making sure their needs are put first.
But through this feeling of needing to provide, being a Mom, a wife, keeping up with our home and finances… I began to crack. At first it was little things like nagging colds that I couldn’t shake. Then returned my stomach issues and soon I succumbed to an overwhelming feeling of just feeling helpless. Slowly the kids needs went by the way side, my husband and I juggled communicating, schedules and just trying to keep it all together. All of this eventually wore me down to someone whom I didn’t even recognize. I remember looking in the mirror after returning home from a show, being horribly sick and just crying. I was not happy and I had done it to myself.
The wonderful thing about hitting bottom is YOU CAN ONLY GO UP.

Its not easy… but eventually you rise. During this time you have the amazing opportunity to peel back your layers and remember who you are again. WHO YOU ARE TO THE CORE.

What I had forgotten about myself during this time was that I was a FIGHTER.

I love WHOLLY.

I feel DEEPLY.

I NEED to process and PURGE.

In processing, I LET GO. I MOVE ON. I BUILD UP in myself and in my community. I make SENSE of it all so my heart doesn’t hold on or hold grudges.

What was covered by fears and self doubt through these last few years suddenly began to wake up. Through much love and compassion from my husband, my children and my beautiful friends… I remembered just what this girl was made of and what she had in store for her. Some how my life had taken a turn in a different direction… it was time to turn things around and get back on course.

That’s where this class comes in.

You see, I know where I am supposed to be. I can see what I should be doing clearly yet I use every excuse possible to widen the gap between what I am doing… and what I SHOULD be doing. Fears of taking on to much, not being available for my kids… even the fear of telling my husband what my desire for my future is… because I fear that he will not be supportive. They are all real fears, but they are the kind of fears that need to be CONQUERED. I knew deep in my heart that my life was not meant to be in a holding pattern. It was meant to move FORWARD. I couldn’t let the fear of not knowing or difficult conversations hold me back. It is all part of the process and like I mentioned before… In order to process and move forward even difficult talks have to happen… Fears need to be confronted and excuses need to be reasoned with.

So I took steps, little ones, some BIG… and some so scary and huge that I didn’t know just where I would land, but I knew that I would be going FORWARD and that was all that mattered. And through this I celebrated. Taking on these hard subjects and projects makes for some awesome victories. Victories that I may have often brushed aside during the crazy throws of life… but this time around… I was going to celebrate them.

What is this class about?

Well, as you can see from my story above, it’s about process. It is about finding a foundation in life that you can stand on and move forward from. It’s about GROWTH, recognizing in ourselves where we are and where we are supposed to be. It’s being OK with not being OK. It about making mistakes, being HUMAN and embracing this…NOT running from it. All this wrapped up in some faith and encouragement. Although some of the material and content that I will be sharing will be biblical, this is not a class that is meant to alienate or make anyone feel out of place. This class is just the opposite. This class is meant to help each of us remember what we all share to the core. We are HUMAN, we each have PURPOSE, and we ALL need ENCOURAGEMENT on our journey.

Who should attend?

  • A) Those who need a little help getting back to their purpose.
  • B) Those who just love art and learning new techniques. 
  • C) Those who want to dig in deeper into learning about art mediums and applications. 
  • D) Those who have not taken the time to just “TAKE TIME”. AKA, You want to take a break from the hamster wheel.
  • E) Human beings that recognize they are flawed and are looking for a safe place to have fun and create beautiful works of art.

What should I expect?

Well, the nice thing about Truth Scrap is that you gain access to 7 fabulous instructors. So besides my class, you will have access to 6 other instructors who have poured their hearts into their own class. Classes from home decor, art journaling, scrapbooking and MORE. So you are most likely going to find something you will enjoy. In my class I will share my in depth love for mixed media art and give you an overview of art mediums, their purpose, composition and how they can be used together to make mixed media glory. I will teach you to create a piece of art work that represents YOU and your purpose to act as a guiding post reminder. In addition, we will visit some of my “bible flaps” that I add into my bible to journal on. This will give you some ideas of how to use the art mediums we will talk about on a more regular basis and everyday journal purposes.

What do I get when I sign up?

(I copied this straight from the source)

-Full admission to all 7 classes, live

-Pre-Event PJ Party

-Unlimited access to class recordings to view at your convenience

-More fun than you can shake a stick at AND extra goodies!

…And you’ll get this all for the low price of $149 $79* – if you register NOW!

SAVE $20 NOW with discount code: ADVENT (till 12/24)

(That’s over 50% off PLUS you get early bird access such as special sneak peeks, discounts, and more!)

This is only like $11 a class PLUS it will be the lowest price offered.

How do I sign up?

If you are ready to join me and my friends on this wonderful creative adventure than Click here to view more details. This will share with you all the info you need for the classes and give you an overview of each instructor PLUS a little description of the class. I am super excited about this class and can’t wait to share it with you all!
I know I kind of shared a lot in this first part of this post… I’m sorry if it was a little too much but I feel it is important to share the heart behind my project and why I am so passionate about this class. I am a work in progress and have worked hard to give myself GRACE through life. I have learned so many lessons in this time and through faith, friendship and family I have found a good balance that suites me well. I hope this class gives you some help with finding this same clarity in life.
I hope you’ll join me on this creative journey…
~Liz Hicks ♥

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