3 Easy Holiday Crafts With Hersheys Chocolate kisses

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to try out products for various companies. Mostly for the craft industry but lately I have had other types of companies and products come my way. My life (although full of crafting) has so many aspects to it… all of which I love to share here on my blog, Twitter, facebook or instagram.

It’s me. It’s my family. It’s my life. It is probably very similar to yours too. And that’s why I share, because chances are we all are going through similar things, like similar things and well if I can share something helpful, I will.

This summer I started receiving Voxboxes from Influenster to try out various products. I receive these products complimentary with no compensation other than the products themselves. I get the products, test them out and share my experiences with them. Pretty simple and it helps to break up the monotony of contract work with this little sprinkle of fun. It is a lot of fun to get a mystery box of goodies to play with.

This seasons Voxbox was for Hershey’s Kisses (#merrykissmas). This makes sense for our family since we bake and craft a whole lot of stuff for the holidays and Hershey’s are really easy to add into the mix.

Kids Craft- Puffy Candy Garland

This craft is perfect to do with kids, even younger kids. Using broader point needle helps to teach kids some good hand eye coordination, but also give them the basic skills of sewing. I recommend supervising kids as they create this even though it is such a simple craft.

dental floss
tapestry needle or other broad needle
puffy craft balls
Hershey Kisses
cute crafty kids 🙂

To begin simply take a string of dental floss and thread your needle. I only have the thread pass through once to keep the thread thin. tie the end to help prevent your garland from falling apart. Proceed to thread sequences of kisses and puffy balls. We did 3 puffy balls to 1 kiss. This can also be a great time for kids to work on color pattern sequences as well. You can structure this as a learning tool for kids or you can just let them have at it and create. Your choice, either way its fun, easy and something they accomplish which is always a win. When you are done tie off the end. Kids can gift wrap this and give it to friends, this can be a candy/craft garland that they share with a friend as a part of a crafty gift basket… truly the possibilities are endless with this. After the gift is given, the kisses can be eaten and the puffy balls can be used to help learn counting, or for older kids they can be used for crafts. In our family when our children were younger, these puffy balls were used as currency in our home… so seriously the sky is the limit with this craft and the creative ways you can integrate it into your home or gifts.

In Case of Emergency “Relax” Kit

My first craft I made with my Hershey Kisses was some hostess style gifts. I gave these to the brave moms who helped me wrangle 15 girls for my daughters 9th birthday party last week. It didn’t take long, but it was a nice way to share a treat with my friends who helped me so very much.


string or twine
2×2 white cardstock
stamp- Collage of Digits- Unity Stamp Company (Liz Hicks Studios)
washi tape
bottled drink
hersheys kisses

To create these is super simple. I made the 2×2 cards by stamping the cardstock, adding some white washi tape and then writing on the card my sentiment “hugs and kisses”. From here I tied the card around the neck of my soft drink and tied the string into a bow. I simply added the kisses with washi tape to add some chocolate to my gift because seriously… after 2 hours with (15) 8-9  year old girls… who wouldn’t need a little chocolate?

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Every year our neighborhood gals get together for a cookie exchange. It is by far my favorite time we get together because well, we eat… we chat and we all leave with a bunch of cookies… It’s like an Oprah’s favorite things moment for me 🙂

This year my neighbor made my kids favorites- Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

If you really want to make something quick and easy… these are them. You can pick up the two ingredients (peanut butter cookie dough and hershey kisses) that you need at the store. If you have a little more time you could use this recipe here.

But seriously if you are in a pinch… all it takes is just these two ingredients to make these cookies happen. Super easy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Influenster program click here.

Hopefully this gives you some quick and easy ideas for some homemade treats.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Liz Hicks ♥

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