How (and WHY) to make Truth Treats

If you are like me, chances are that after Halloween you are faced with a difficult decision.

What to do with all of the candy that your kids have collected.

This year our kids collectively collected 17 POUNDS of candy. That is a WHOLE lot of candy.

We are fortunate enough to live in a wonderful neighborhood where we know our neighbors well, our kids go to school with just about every child in the neighborhood and well… everyone knows everyone. In addition, it seams as if every house we went to we knew and well, they were very generous with the candy.

With this being said, after Halloween night, we sat as a family and had a little chat. There was NO way that our kids could use this much candy and well, we were not about to throw it away. We could donate it to a local organization or sell it back to a local dentist but what we really wanted was to put this candy into action and bless our community. Now our kids were not on board at first, I mean they really connected with the triumph of their loot… but we had to put it into reality for them. Either they find a way to use the candy in a positive way or next year we limit the houses they visit to just our street (which would have given them still more than enough candy). It clicked. If they were going to be blessed by our neighbors and enjoy themselves each Halloween… then the blessing would need to be passed on.

And THAT was what birthed the idea of Truth Treats.

I reached out to my friend Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club and asked if we could use their truths to add a little encouragement to each treat we shared… She graciously said yes.

Melody has in the past done a very similar project on Black Friday, which is what made me think of her when we were trying to come up with an idea for this candy. If you have a chance… definitely check out their site… it will surely inspire some great ideas for the holidays as well as for your heart.

We created these truth treats to pass out to shoppers during Black Friday. This is a great time to catch people when they may need it most. As a family we have shared these truths during the holidays and you would be amazed at how easy it is to touch someone when they need it most. Although the holidays are usually surrounded by loved ones and togetherness… you’d be surprised as to how alone and discouraged the holidays can make people feel. One of the ladies we gave one of these random truths to (at an airport) actually cried when my daughter handed her a truth and gave my daughter a big hug. She told us that this was exactly what she needed to hear as she was going through something very difficult in her life. Kindness matters… and it matters the most when you let your heart lead you… and pave the way for good to happen.

If you would like to see more about “truths” as well as the BGC Truth Cards… Click Here.



  • Treat bags (We got ours at our local hobby store 50 for $2.99)
  • twine/ribbon/string – To tie the bags
  • Candy- This can be left over candy OR you can purchase bags of candy just for this occasion
  • Truths- You can print the Brave Girl Truths HERE  (Pages 6-9 are perfect for this)
  • Ready and willing kids to volunteer (We invited our daughters girl scout troop as well as our neighbors)

Contents of each bag– 6 pieces of candy, a truth and a whole lot of LOVE (tied with a sweet bow)

I really hope you will join us on this journey and come up with a way to share TRUTH, COMPASSION and CHARITY this holiday season. We would LOVE to see what you come up with. Use the hashtag #truthtreats to share your truth project with the world!

Much love to you this season,

~Liz (and family) ♥

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