Quick and easy last minute costume- The Doughnut

If you have a pre-teen chances are you may be waking up on today… Halloween with a frantic scramble of trying to make some sort of costume quickly for them. Even as an adult I oftern struggle with the dilema of “To dress up or not to dress up” for Halloween.

This pre-teen age is a bridge between child and adult and can sometimes be tough for kids to be decisive in their desire to participate in Halloween. For our son, the results of massive amounts of candy always seem to steer him towards donning a costume and reaping the rewards.

Which this year resulted in…

The Doughnut

What you will need:

(2) 3×3 foot panels of brown fabric– I used Oly Fun by Fairfield Processing which is a lightweight non fraying (NO HEMS!!!) non-woven material. perfect for this project.

(1) 3×3 foot pink panel-to be cut slightly smaller and act as the frosting

(4) colors of the same fabric in 3×36 inch pieces (or rough cut around there)– This will be used as 1x3inch piece rectangle sprinkles.

An 8×12 inch black oval in the same fabric– The doughnut hole 🙂

Sewing machine or hot glue gun- (at this point… the hot glue gun may be your best bet but if you are looking to make this last, use a sewing machine… I used my Brother Innovis 950D machine for this, but you can use a simple machine as we are only using a straight stitch.)


1) Cut the brown fabric into a 3×3 foot circle and your pink fabric just a bit smaller than your brown fabric.

3) Sew (or glue) your two brown panels together leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Follow diagram below on where to sew and where not to sew. NOTE: If you are going to sew the entire costume, sew on all elements before binding the two brown panels together. Make sure to turn your costume inside out so that your seams are hidden inside.

3) Glue your pieces (If you did not sew them) onto your doughnut front. TIP… This is a great thing for your child to do, although I must warn you that the center of your doughnut may end up askew if a 12 year old boy puts it together (not that I would know by experience or anything ♥).

This costume is as easy as CUT SEW GLUE. You can pick up this or any other non-fray fabric at your local craft store today and have a costume within an hour (tops).

Until the next pre-teen moment we share ☺

~Liz Hicks ♥

*Please note that although this is NOT a sponsored post, some products have been provided for demonstration. Links provided are NOT affiliate links and in no way provide income or compensation to this blog. They are provided for educational purposes and to showcase what types of products were used for this tutorial.

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