Southwest Chic with ScanNCut

Supplies: Cream printed cotton fabric, bright pink, yellow and turquoise designed fabric, pillow fluff and white thread. ScanNCut cutting machine, Innov-is 950D sewing/embroidery machine by Brother International Corporation ™.
South west décor is making its way back with a twist. I see so much fun colors with southwest this time around. I decided to use this inspiration to use the built in features of Scan N Cut to create my own custom southwest designs. I am new to appliqué designs, but decided to give it a try… I am happy I did!
I started by taking my white fabric and cutting it into two 10 ½ X 10 ½ squares. From here I found scrap fabrics that coordinated the largest being 9 inches long and the others a little smaller than that.

To build my designs I used the built in design shapes in Scan N Cut. You can combine shapes to create your own custom designs. Using rectangles, squares and triangles are the perfect match to create this southwest décor. When you combine shapes to create the larger design, make sure that your shapes overlap so that you can weld them together. I recommend starting with your largest shape first, arrange the shapes to create it and then weld it together. From here, multiple the shape times two and take one and minimize the size to fit inside the larger one.

Now that your designs are created they are ready to be cut! Take your fabric scraps for your design and iron on your appliqué sheet to the wrong side of your fabric. Make sure that your fabric is larger than your appliqué sheet as well that your iron is set to the right setting. You can use a cloth to protect your iron if you’d like.
Next take each color and cut one shape from each of the colors. Use the standard mat with the purple blade at a 7 setting (this is just a recommendation, make sure to test your cut first).

Once you have your shapes cut out, take the largest and iron it onto the right side of your white fabric, centering it to your liking. Once ironed on, continue to iron on each different shape to create your design.

For an added touch, I added a plain stitch to the inner area of each of the designs, this will allow the fabric to fray a bit giving it a nice texture. 

Once your designs are sewn on, take your designed part of your pillow and lay it right side with the other side of your pillow.
Pin the sides and continue to sew with a ¼ inch seam. Leave the end open to pull right side out and stuff.

Once your pillow is stuffed, take your machine and sew a thin seam around the entire pillow to finish it off. This will give your pillow a nice finished look without the fuss of hand stitching.
And to help share a little insight on welding with ScanNCut, here is a quick video I created showing you how to create this southwest motif.

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Thanks for checking this out today! If you have any questions feel free to ask, Welding with ScanNCut is a lot of fun,  I would love to help if you need anything.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Liz Hicks

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