Happily Everafter…

Have you ever had one of those years that just seems to keep knocking you down? Well that was this last year for our family. So maybe I wouldn’t necessarily say that we were constantly being kicked down, but maybe more like treading in quicksand. Stuck in a rut, couldn’t seem to move forward in our hearts goals. I know I am not the only one having gone through this. It’s times like these that honesty, humility and authenticity have an opportunity to make their appearance and help friends and family create true special bonds.

First thank you to those who have reached out during my blogging absence. It truly makes blogging feel like a community. Thank you so much for this.

Let me begin at the end of this past year, yesterday… Normally August 21st would mean nothing to most people but this day means so much to me.Yesterday my husband James and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary.

This anniversary above all was such a milestone for us. You see, this year has been a challenging one for our relationship and to make it to our anniversary was a true celebration. Although I was sick and James was taking over mommy duties yesterday, we celebrated the way we normally do. Simply by staying home and reminiscing through the years. (We are not big celebration kind of people).

Through this last year of our marriage we have challenged and clung to our vows of, “To have and to Hold, In sickness and in health, For richer or poorer and for better or worse.

This is the reality of life that marriages are so fragile sometimes, but good ones are worth fighting for.

This past year we have fought, argued, cried, prayed, hugged and have just struggled together to better understand each other. There were times that we both honestly looked at each other and wondered what we were fighting for and literally exhausted from talking. What we didn’t realize is that we both were going through growing periods at different times and in different areas of life.

I am grateful that during this time my husband stuck by me and I to him. We gave each other space to sort things out, but ultimately came together in the end with the conclusion, we are going to be OK. and it is ok to believe in US. It felt good to know that we both were on the right track and ready to go forward hand in hand. We also relieved ourselves of expectations, high expectations. We had to start somewhere, so starting with small stuff seemed to be the place to take stress off of us yet still see results.

As I look back I realize just how stubborn I can be. That is not easy for me to admit. I also realize that I have a whole lot of growth that I have gone through this past year that I really need to spend some time and sort through.

This past year I found myself working a full time job as well as my arts and crafts contracts, going to school, being mom, wife and homemaker. I’m not going to lie, this took a toll on me, but ultimately made me focus on what really mattered and helped me let go of nonsense. I am grateful for that.

So happy Anniversary to my sweet James…



Photo Courtesy of Kaydi Homme for Jennifer Kelly Real Estate
Thank you for loving me, always. Thank you for being a true friend through everything. Thank you for being my gracious partner in life. I love you.
This year has been exciting for both me and James taking our careers in different directions. James started Real Estate in March and is loving it. I left my day job in July to pursue contract work in the Arts and Crafts industry. I have been working on an amazing project since February which I get to share on Monday… it is going to be pretty awesome.
Its times like this that not only make the hard times worth it, but it is also the hard times that allow you to truly treasure the good times. My heart is happy knowing that we are going forward. 
 Together ♥. 
Marriages are not perfect, they are not meant to be. They are an ebb and flow of good and bad, right and wrong, and a whole lot of compromise. I had to open up my heart to realize this and I am grateful for my husband who always knew this ♥
Thanks for stopping by today, my hope is that I don’t have another blogging break like this again… but then again, you know how life is. I do have lots to share in the few months coming up….
Check back Monday for details on my work and some exciting fun news!

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