So, it has been a little busy here in our house. Lots of changes, all good but keeping us busy. Crazy busy. It is nice to be able to get into a rhythm with it all.

Today I wanted to share with you my first meme for Liz Hicks Studios. I am not one for making memes, I see a lot of them and LOVE them, share them and feel so uplifted by them. Some of my favorites are from my sweet friends over at Brave Girls Club. It is no surprise to see them on my Facebook wall.

Yesterday, I felt the need to throw my hat into the meme pool. I was inspired by my friends named Amber (ironically, they both caught my attention at different times of the day). Through conversations with both of my friends at separate times I really felt these words spoken to my heart.

I think it is so common for us to be critical of ourselves. We often take others attitudes or opinions to heart even when they are just implied and not necessarily expressed. So often we even begin to imagine the response we would receive if ever we would dare to try something out of our comfort zone… or even taking a step towards that dream we hold tight to. I know I have been guilty of this so many times. I can remember PLENTY of times that I can now look back on and see a little bit clearer that I held myself back from stepping forward towards my purpose and dreams. It is human nature to be hard on ourselves and even some times see our dreams as far fetched or not reasonable for the person we are now. We often say to ourselves… “Oh that is something I will do in the future when I am more ________” or ” I am not ready for something like _______” or the even more popular ” I am not good enough (yet)”. I am not sure what plagues each and every one of us to say such things to ourselves.

I can’t remember exactly when it was but it was sometime during my illness last year, (when I truly couldn’t do anything) I decided that this experience would not go in vain. That I had allowed myself to hold back on what I want to be doing with my life because of ____ and _____ and well every other excuse in the book. Something inside me snapped and it was as if I truly understood just what a waste it was for me to at least not TRY to do the things that are on my heart. I had realized that I had told myself NO way to long. All of the doubts I had assumed along the way, suddenly became void. Now, I am human and am in no way saying that these fears and doubts still don’t stop me, but now they stop me in order to fully consider and think things through rather than to hold me back. My focus going forward has become a bit more clearer and has allowed me to organize a plan towards reaching those goals that stir passion in my heart.

So with this being said… I just want to share this little message with you all. This is my reminder that I don’t have to hear NO before someone tells me. I can not assume someones answer or how they may see me. Fear and doubt are not the rule. Let truth and discernment take their places and build that future that is yours. No is not a bad word, in fact it is a good word a word that we learn to keep us from harm. It is just a word that we can’t allow to be our norm. We have to live, build our future and with that is taking steps, even little ones towards what our purpose is. Life rushes by us so quickly. I have decided to take my time into my hands (AGAIN) and create my terms. As a part of this, I have promised myself to look into the things that I hold in my heart, honor my passion and take small steps towards the things I hope to have in my life. Slowing down, taking small strides and making informed decisions I believe will help to clear my head of that nagging NO that wants to pop in and taint my thoughts. This is my path, I hope that you will take time and consider what will help you in the process of taking steps towards your purpose.

Thanks again for stopping by. I am grateful for my brave and truthful friends, sharing their stories with me. I know that life gets crazy, and that schedules get busy… but I am so grateful for the time each of my friends (and you too!) take to spend with me.

Happy Friday!


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