In the Stillness…PAJWLH

I’ve never thought of being sick as a blessing but in this experience I have learned the value of being still. Something funny happens when you are forced to stay home, in the quiet, away from the kids… just you.

I think everyone deals with things in such different ways.  I for one, when I became sick didn’t really think of it as a burden rather than just a common illness that I was sure to pass soon. I had no idea that it would take hold of me for the next two months. In the beginning though, I found myself antsy, out of sorts because all of my regular faculties were not available. I couldn’t walk around, take my kids to school, be outside, cook…or even eat. I never realized just how much I took for granted these small details of my life. Fortunately, I had good friends and an amazing husband around to help me out but still… this left me alone, by myself with only my thoughts… kind of a scary thought, lol.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this experience, I was antsy… just wanting to get back to my work…school…my kids…my husband…my life. But something was happening to me, my health I believe was failing at this time so that I could allow myself the rest that my body needed that I had neglected to give it for so long.

So often in our lives we get caught up in what we think we ought to do rather than what it is that we are supposed to do. I believe that we all have an important purpose and are a valuable addition to this world but sometimes the world takes control of us and we get a little skewed from our path. I think this illness was my body’s way of tell me that it was time to stop…Listen…Pray…and Remember…

During my few months of being still… I found out a lot about myself. Somethings I was not too fond of but they are me either way. I can be stubborn, unnecessarily independent, opinionated, over whelmed… and well a whole lot more. This time helped to remind me of my purpose and allow me to see myself as I was. Human. Even the human in me though can use some adjusting. So during this time, I evaluated some of these attributes that I am not to fond of, some of them I came to terms with, but some of these I really had to humble myself and let go. I had to realize that some of these characteristics where not part of my purpose, who I am or who I wanted to be and purging of these attributes became a part of my healing process.

I guess the point of this art journal prompt is to share my perspective of being still and how sometimes it is so very important for our make up. I like so many cat lovers often find myself laughing at my cats as to how much they sleep, but I am sure that they look at me and think…. wow, does she ever stop?

My Cat… Ginger.
*Copyright and Property of Liz Hicks, please do not use without written permission.

So for the last art journal prompt it was to write down a list of words through out your day that you felt. For this journal prompt, divide that list into words that are you… and words that are of the world, not necessarily of you but words that the world displaces you with. Sometimes seeing the difference allows us to recognize and remind ourselves that there is a bigger purpose to us than just our day to day. That each day adds up to a whole life and well, we want this life to count for something, right? During the time of our life we are re-routed by what we THINK we should be doing… what the WORLD tells us is right. Sometimes we go with it, but sometimes there is that gut feeling that tells us that something is just not ok… and well that little something if we listen to it can get us back on track. The important part though is to be still, listen, feel who we are, remember what we stand for and allow ourselves to dig deep into ourselves and evaluate… it can be tough but so rewarding too…

As I have mentioned before, I am not a counselor and don’t dare to claim to be. The prompts and art that I share are merely for those who enjoy following my journey. It is in no way to take place for a counselor or anything of the sort. Art journaling is a way of expressing what is going on in our minds and allowing us to connect with those subconscious thoughts that are so important to us.

Thanks for stopping by today. Our family is actually on a bit of a break and visiting family in California for the week. We are taking some time to relax, enjoy loved ones and just be… it is a pretty awesome thing.

~Liz ♥

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