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So today is the first day of our Virtual Gallery Walk! If you are not up to speed about what this concept is… check out my article from last weeks post here about the Virtual Gallery Walk. The name of this exhibit is Artistic Inspiration: Then and Now.

For this exhibit of our Virtual Gallery Walk, we decided to use various forms of inspiration to draw from. My initial thought was to draw inspiration from classic artists, but with this group of artists… the sky became the limit. Our talks went from story books, to music and well… it just expanded. So the focus for this exhibit will be Artistic Inspiration: Then and Now…

Here is what I came up with 🙂

My initial inspiration was an artist that I was introduced to during my drawing class. I loved my drawing class because our teacher had a really unique approach to teaching us the basics of drawing through varying mediums and artists. One of the artists that I was drawn to was Sigmar Polke.

Here are a few samples of his work, and for more samples click here to view google images.

Upgrade (Lens Painting) (2007)
mixed media on fabric
31 1/2 x 39 1/4 inches


What I enjoyed about his art was of course his mixed media approach to some of his pieces, but also the use of layers through varying effects such as screen print or image transfers and stencils.

Another inspiration of mine is street art… I have become enamored with the use of stencils in street art and the juxtaposition of some of the placement  of art and content. Banksy and Shepard Fairey are the two that come to mind when I think of influential street artists. With street art you are faced with a canvas that is opportune and available. I love that some of the work that street artists create often cover advertisements, or flyers that are stuck to the wall. Mostly just in the way  that it creates texture… not so much in the illegal way it costs communities to restore.

So with this in mind, I set out to create a piece that offered techniques such as stenciling, screen printing and image transfers but that offered the texture of a random surface. I love the look of stenciled street art that has been created over walls that previously held papers, posters and such… the textures are amazing! That was one of the attributes I knew I needed with this pieces. I had planned on screen printing a bit on this, but after I looked at the last layer I laid… I didn’t think it was necessary. So this is it 🙂

Take Hold of your Dreams

Mixed Media 8×10 Canvas Board
Acrylics, Inks and Resin
Supplies: Acrylic Pigments (Plaid enterprises), Epoxy Resin (Ice Resin), texture stamp (Unity Stamp Co.), spray Inks (Clearsnap and Creative Imaginations), Stencil (Creative Imaginations),  Thread (Gutterman) letter stamps sequin and vintage paper (unknown)

Here is a view of the Resin I applied on the piece. I wanted to add lacquered sort of layer, that was sporadic and not completely covering. I considered using a gel or glaze medium, but I really wanted a TRUE lacquered feel that was completely transparent. I chose to use Ice Resin for this result. PLUS the depth that it offers the piece too 🙂

 This is a downward view of the right side of the piece. I have a cascade of sequin, thread, glitter, inks and paints creating layers and depth across this piece.

 Now if we are friends on Facebook… you might have heard about my “staples” incident… well these are the staples that were stapled to my hard wood floors… thank God they came up 🙂

 Here is a bit more of the texture, showing the basket weaving that is in the middle section of this piece. 
The idea for this gallery walk is to remind us all that our reason for creating, though it is our own… is the same as those who we follow… Even the greats had our drive, our passion… we are artists… just as they are. Notoriety has nothing to do with it. We create because it is who we are, not because it is who we want people to see us as… It is a part of who we are.
Today for the gallery walk, we also have the wonderful Jen Cushman sharing. Make sure to check out Jen her on her blog. Jen is part of the magic behind Ice Resin, which I am pretty sure that most of you have fallen in love with! You will definitely want to check out what she created 🙂

 I am trying to catch up on some prompts since I have been ill the past few weeks. This blog post seemed perfect to add a prompt to. If you are not familiar with PAJWLH… check it out here. This is a free art journal workshop that I offer on line this year.

Prompt: Why do you create? for your family? For yourself? for healing? For work? look into the root of why it is you create. Is this the reason you started to create in the first place? Does it make you happy? Why?

Creative Prompt: Use a stencil, image transfer or silk screened image.

I am pretty excited that this is the start of this fun artsy adventure… I have chosen some good girls that are amazingly talented… I am so glad they said yes and that you get to be a part of this with us.

So enjoy this gallery walk… I will be your tour guide if you get lost, just hop back over here… am I will guide you to the right part of the exhibit for the day. We will be doing this from October 1st through the 5th… I am sure you will have a blast, pick up a few artistic inspirations that will get your creative juices flowing!

See you tomorrow 🙂

~Liz Hicks

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