Day 3 and 4 of our Virtual Gallery Walk

I hope you all are ready for some ART!
I wasn’t able to do much computer work yesterday as I am still under the weather, so I thought I would go ahead and talk about yesterdays artists with todays post.
Make sure to check out these 4 artists and share some love on their sites. Each of the artists are sharing from their hearts this week in hopes to share their love of art and inspire others… that is pretty awesome in my book 🙂
Yesterday Martha shared her love of circles through her creative process through the years. Martha has recently retired from being a high school teacher and has been involved in the arts for some time now. She has a wonderful depth of knowledge that I appreciate learning from. Make sure to read Martha’s post behind her work here.
Martha’s partner in artsyness was Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. I met Cat through some friends and am so grateful that our paths crossed 🙂 Catherine and I have shared stories of going back to school for the second time and it has been wonderful to have a friend going through art school too. Catherine is actually an accomplished Graphic Designer that has her degree; which you can tell with her attention to detail in her projects. Make sure to read Catherine’s post here about her work. Make sure to check out Cat’s other posts this week as she has created some extra art to share and they are simply stunning!

Cat was inspired by broad lines in art through the years. Her approach here reminds me of Van Gogh for obvious reasons, yet has the whimsical feel of Matisse. Her broad lines also remind me of Piet Mondrian. Although all of these artists are different in style, for some reason this piece makes me think of them 🙂

And for today’s artists we have: 

Jamie Dougherty. Jamie and I met during my time at Tattered Angels. My friend and co-worker Michelle Jackson showed me her work as we were setting up for CHA and it just blew my mind at her attention to detail. She has exquisite taste and her work evokes emotion… which I love. Her inspiration this week was the music of Johnny Cash and breaking through towards the reward that life is. Jamie is also going to be sharing with us for tomorrows post being that Lorraine was not able to get good internet reception in France. To check out Jamie’s work click here for the full details.

Camille McClelland is a friend that I met through Brave Girls Camp which she is on staff for. She came in late one night as the campers were creating and quietly sat in the corner creating…letting out a little giggle every once in a while as she heard the rest of our crazy antics. It was a night I will never, ever forget. While Camille was quiet that first night, we have not stopped talking since. She is a good friend of mine and well we just see eye to eye on so many things. Right now Camille is working in tooled leather, which she is amazing at… I want to share one of her posts here for you to enjoy. If you would like the full story, click here for the full post.

So here is a summary of the last two days. I think you can agree that these girls are extremely talented. Make sure to cruise their websites as they love to share their insights in a variety of crafting as well as they ALL DO TUTORIALS…. free info sounds good to me 🙂

Thanks again!

~Liz Hicks

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