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Last semester when I saw in school I was introduced to the true beauty of art. Living in an art rich community I became enamored with all of the art galleries in town and their first friday gallery walks. This event allows the public to view local art and walk through each store or museum for their viewing pleasure. I love this idea of community and support of the arts. Art has become more than just a hobby for me, it is my life. It is my retreat when I need it, my resort when I need to clear my head… it is me. It has also become a big part of my family’s life as well.
This idea of communal art got me thinking of just how much this fellowship was missing in my industry. I want so much to support my friends and fellow artists but the only way this has been available has been through a blog hop or promotion. So this offered the birth of  something new…. the Virtual Gallery Walk. 
What is the Virtual Gallery Walk? Well this is the start of a group of artists that love art and want to share it with all. This is a peek into a gallery that you might not have ever been able to see in your area. It is a group of 10 (or less) artists who are gathering with the sole purpose of sharing their love of art, inspiration and aspirations in hopes that this intrigues you to follow your passion. It is kind of like the Gallery walks that I mentioned earlier except that it will all be done here on line  and the exhibit will take a week to open. The wonderful thing about this type of gallery walk is that (as long as our blogs are up and running) this exhibit will never expire! This exhibit will forever be available for you to browse, recall and grab inspiration from. This is a true never ending exhibit! 
How is this different from any old blog hop? Well the artists are all gathering together in support of each other.  The artists will not just direct you to one blog… they will encourage you to visit with each of the artists in the Gallery Walk. Each artist will share their take on the exhibit topic and this will allow you to take the information that each of them shares and leave with the info that best helps you in your mission or passion. This is about community, so leave a comment, ask a question this is an event where you can engage with the artist (which hardly ever happens in real life!) and get to know them and their artistic style.
 Since this is the first time that we are doing this Virtual Gallery Walk… we are excited yet still learning about what we have to offer, so this may evolve through time. I may invite other artists… or choose to work with some of the same… but what I do promise is that the information that each exhibit or artists offers will be a great insight into creating, styles, techniques and well art itself. 
Our first exhibit will begin October 1st and will be called:

Artistic Inspiration: Then and Now

For this exhibit I have invited 9 of my good friends whom I love to view art from. These girls share the same love for art and teaching that I do and I am sure that you will enjoy visiting with them as much as I do. Together the 10 of us will share of take on this exhibits topic.


Do me a favor and check out their sites. Each of them comes from a different aesthetic or view point when approaching art. I love the fullness that this group offers. Take a moment to check out their sites, get to know them… leave some love as they are preparing their piece to share with you all RIGHT NOW!

This event will start on October 1st and run through the 5th… Some of the girls are out of the country right now, still trying to participate so give them grace as they join us from a far 🙂 My main goal for this project is to share with the crafting world how the art and craft worlds coincide in so many ways… Art can seem so overwhelming for crafters (it scared me to start my art courses!) yet the same approach is taken by both. Both set out to put their ideas into a reality… and well it really is that simple. So whether you buy your paint at Hobby Lobby, Home Depot… or Dick Blick… the same love care and thought goes into each piece… that is something that needs to be remembered 🙂

Thank you all for this… I can’t wait to start this with you all… this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

If you didn’t see the giveaway I posted last week make sure to check it out here.

Thanks again!

~Liz Hicks ♥


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