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California born, Coloradoan at heart. Liz Hicks is a creative industry professional sharing her love of crafting, art, food, family and faith. Liz started her creative career in 2007 and has worked with various paper crafting companies (Prima Marketing Inc, Tattered Angels, SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L, Clearsnap Inc, Brother International, Unity Stamp Co.) through out the years. She has worked predominately in Marketing and Education with some Product Development. Liz has traveled around the world teaching project, technique and self development art courses to students, store owners and other educators. Her heart is in her family and her community and Liz continues to further her own education in the hopes of helping others pursue their passions and purpose.


This website is dedicated to sharing a pursuit of purpose and passion. Through art and creativity, clarity is achieved… stress is relieved and handmade art is formed. Art and crafts are more than just a hobby, they are a deep seeded way of life for some, a purpose that needs to be taken care of and developed as it is a gift to be shared and enjoyed. So often people forget to take time to care and relax, creativity is a wonderful source of stress release and for creative types it is a daily expression.



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